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Lava Chakra (Energy Force)

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This beautiful Chakra Lava Bead bracelet is made with natural gemstones, each with its own unique characteristic property. Designed with ancient gemstones to help bring balance back into your life by activating and aligning your chakras. The seven chakra stones correspond to the seven chakra centers of the body, and each stone is a different color that defines the purpose of the corresponding chakra. This bracelet can also be used as an essential oil diffuser, simply add a few drops of your favorite oil to the lava rock beads and enjoy the benefits all day long.

Details: Lava beads, red jasper, Carnelian, Calcite, Aventurine, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, logo charm, logo charm, 8mm genuine gemstone beads. Strung on durable stretch cord to fit a variety of wrist sizes. Comes in a signature gift box.

  1. Red Jasper: Brings vitality, courage, and sparks passion for life.
  2. Carnelian: Enhances creativity and physical stamina
  3. Calcite: Responsible for hormonal balance and helps with shyness
  4. Aventurine: Stimulates metabolism and heals vital organs
  5. Turquoise: Promotes self-forgiveness and boosts intelligence
  6. Lapis Lazuli: Evokes psychic ability and helps to bring insights
  7. Amethyst: Helps to understand the root cause of mental and physical imbalance

Please note: Natural stones may have varying shades, patterns, and other imperfections. Please handle with care as excessive stretching can damage the bracelet as well as harsh chemicals such as bleach and chlorine. Ok to wash with mild soap and warm water.

Care Instructions

Machine wash: cold (max 30C or 90F); Non-chlorine: bleach as needed; Tumble dry: low heat; Iron, steam or dry: medium heat; Do not dryclean.

Smell your favorite scent everywhere you go by adding 1-3 drops of an essential oil onto the black lava stones & allow the oil to sit. Lava beads have a light wax coating and could take a few uses to break it down for the beads to absorb the oil better and longer. If there is oil residue even after absorbed, just blot with a towel. Citrus oils may weaken the elasticity over time when applied to lava beads. Be sure to use a carrier oil to dilute any citrus oil and use only 1-2 drops at a time.