"Nature is a powerful and mystical force, connecting us to earth in ways that can be soothing, empowering, and inspiring. Here at Moons Breath, we strive to help you build a stronger connection to nature. To nurture your mind and soul"

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Experience the herbs, oils and minerals that will leave your skin feeling nourished and rejuvenated!

Our soaps are made with natural organic ingredients from forests and farms as well as herbs and flowers. Gentle enough for daily use and safer for the environment.

Our bracelets are handcrafted with natural stones that are carefully selected for their beauty and meaning.

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I'm loving these blends...stumbled upon this company referred from a friend. I have a huge selection of blends from a lot of companies. These are distinctly different then other blends I have. She uses high quality exotic oils from all over the world.


My collection is varied and I'm loving these soaps and oils at the moment.Salt Whisper soap I can't get enough, the scent is invigorating without it being overpowering with hints of tea tree and citrus. Ancient temple essential oil is earthy and heavenly at the same time a go to currently

Helen K

I'm in love with the products I bought from Moonsbreath. I suffer from headaches the Pressure Relief Roller Ball has helped me tremendously. The peppermint Oil releases the pain in my shoulders from working out and stress. I can't wait to order more.